Legal services

Complex on-retainer legal services provided to enterprises in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk and other Ukrainian cities. A perfect alternative to a salaried lawyer.

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Debt recovery

Drafting of complaints, reclamations and pecuniary claims. Solicitation in court. Support of execution proceeding. Debt collection.

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Legal representation in court

Defense of rights and representation of interests of enterprises and entrepreneurs in courts of all levels in commercial, administrative, civil and criminal cases.

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Establishment registration

Incorporation and winding-up of LLC, private enterprises, joint-stock companies, introduction of amendments in statutes, substitution of chiefs, increase of authorized capital, and other actions.

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Support of tax inspections

Defense of enterprise rights in the course of tax inspections. Appeal of inspection results. Legal tax optimization. Assessment of operations tax risks.

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Legal support of solicitor

Defense of interests of enterprise, its owners and employees during conducting of investigatory actions of fraud by law enforcement authorities.

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Optimization and defense of business

Implementation of mechanisms which allow to cut costs on business maintenance and protect it from unforeseen circumstances and infringement of third parties.

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Staff trainings and seminars

Training of employees to behave in a proper way during searches, interviews and other investigative actions. Семинары по организации правовой работы на предприятии.


savchuk-299x389I am pleased to welcome you on our web site!

My name is Alexey Savchuk, I am the chief executive officer of the legal firm “Assyria”. You can find information about the history and mission of our firm in the section About us, information about our clients and partners is in the section Our clients, and information about our staff is in the section Our team.

In this section I want to tell in what way the legal firm “Assyria” distinguishes from other law firms, and in what way we can be helpful for you.I am convinced that many lawyers make a mistake doing a little bit of everything.

However, it is obvious that a single lawyer is not able to become a leading specialist in all spheres of law because it will take him at least several lives to do. Legislation is too wide and practice of its application is too complicated for a single lawyer to be able to constantly control all innovations and changes. Legal firm “Assyria” does not make this mistake. Our specific profile is legal support of business. We work with Ukraine’s most respected and well-established entrepreneurs, CEOs and top-managers. In terms of our specialization each of our attorneys and lawyers is a specialist in his/her own sphere: contract, tax, corporate, procedural, criminal law etc.

Like some other firms we provide oral and written legal counseling in commercial law, tax law, corporate law, criminal law. But it is only the small part of our work. Further I am going to tell you in a nutshell how we can be of benefit for you.

One of the main directions of legal firm “Assyria” is on-retainer legal services provided to corporate entities and sole proprietors, i.e. legal outsourcing.

For many years, our other leading direction has been debt recovery and legal representation in court of corporate entities and sole proprietors. We specialize in defense of rights and interests of our clients in administrative and general courts all over Ukraine. Information about this service and its price is available in sections Debt recovery and Legal representation in courts.

Tax law has always been an important part of practice in legal firm “Assyria”. In particular, we provide support to entrepreneurs during tax audits as well as tax decision notice appealing. Our lawyers’ participation in tax disputes results in saving our clients’ money up to several million hryvnas. You can read in detail about this direction of our work in the section Support of tax audits and disputes.

Besides, we have a huge experience in standing up against raid takeovers, therefore we can help you to optimize and protect your business, i.e. to implement instruments due to which you will be able to save your name, money and property in case of force-major situations, competitors’ attacks, and revenge of offended top-managers or criminal actions of officials. We will also help you to cut your costs in business management.

Legal firm “Assyria” also provides services in the sphere of corporate law. We deal with business incorporation, member substitution in corporate entities, making changes into statutes, other types of incorporation services, as well as wind-up business. Unlike most other firms working in this direction, we have a regular court practice in the sphere of corporate law due to which we are aware of consequences of incorporation actions, and we can counsel our client about them (for more details go to the section Incorporation and winding-up).

Our company has experienced attorneys in its team; therefore one of top-priority directions in our work is providing legal help in criminal law. Our specialization here is criminal proceedings in frauds (tax evasion, fake entrepreneurship, fraudulence, appropriation of property etc.). Among our clients the most demanded is legal support during searches, taking outs and examinations. For details go to the section Legal support during taking outs, searches and examinations.Finally, we conduct seminars and trainings for clients’ staff. As practice shows, workers’ ability to find their bearings during searches, understanding how not to get their director and themselves into trouble and how to avoid elementary mistakes in signing and fulfilling contracts saves hundreds thousands or even millions of hryvnas. As well as keep their directors and top-managers emotionally healthy.

I will be pleased to work with you!

podpis-savchuk-300x122With respect to you and your business,

Alexey Savchuk