Comfort of doing business

On-retainer legal service – is your protection from mistakes during contract signing, conducting business operations and communicating with conrol authorities.
Entering into such contract you not only obtain legal service, but also hire a team of experienced lawyers and solicitors who are able to manage both with routine and various non-standard tasks. Due to free choice of legal services amount you get a significant economy in contrast to costs on a salaried lawyer. Legal services in Dnipropetrovsk — key-ready!

Debt recovery

Our firm renders a full complex of services in debt recovery in Dnipropetrovsk and around Ukraine, which appeared during business operations.
Legal services that we render include: evaluation of repayment prospects or debt recovery prospects; drafting of letters of claims; pre-action settlement and negotiating with debtor; arrestment of accounts and property of debtor; representation of interests in court and in state enforcement service; start of criminal proceeding againts the debtor provided that his actions contain elements of a crime.

Representation of interests in court

We render a full complex of legal services in defense of rights and interests of legal entities and sole proprietors in courts. We provide legal counselling, draft statements of action, letters of revocation, counter arguments, petitions of appeal and cassation, take part in court sessions.
We are ready to represent your interests in commercial, civil, administrative, criminal cases in courts of first instance, appellate courts, courts of cassation and in the Supreme Court of Ukraine concerning disputes with contractors, public authorities, local authorities, consumers and workers.

Services in the area of corporate law

Our law company provides a full range of services in corporate law.
In particular, it is the registration of LLC in Dnipro and the liquidation of LLC , the opening of an emergency and the establishment of a joint stock company. Changes in the company’s charter, change of founders and participants, increase and decrease of the authorized capital (statutory fund). Change of legal address, director, change of activity. Receipt of extracts, certificates and extracts from the Unified State Register. Any registration of an enterprise in Dnipro. Free legal advice for our clients.

Support of tax inspections

Legal assistance in tax law matters is one of the main activities of our company. We provide legal advice on the application of the norms of the Tax Code of Ukraine, we provide legal assistance in the course of inspections of tax authorities, appeal against tax actions and tax notices-decisions in administrative order and in court.
We have experience in developing and implementing legal tax optimization schemes that allow our clients to legally save on taxes and fees, identify and eliminate tax risks.

Legal support of solicitor

The lawyers of our company will help you in the most difficult situations. If you received a request to provide information or documents from the tax police, the prosecutor’s office, the Security Service of Ukraine etc., we will help you to give the right answer and provide professional advice.
The best lawyers in Dnipro will protect your rights also if you are searched or seized, or if you or your employees have received summons for questioning as witnesses or suspects in criminal proceedings.

Optimization and defense of business

Very often, entrepreneurs until a certain point do not think about how to properly organize a business from a legal point of view. Understanding the importance of this issue sometimes comes too late when there are thousands of fines from government agencies, or when, thanks to a single court decision, all business goes to another person.
We will help you to properly structure your business, safely execute your property, create foreign companies (non-resident companies) and protect your business from raider seizures.

Trainings and seminars for staff

In our experience, in 90% of cases, company staff allow a lot of gross mistakes in communicating with employees of law enforcement agencies (prosecutor’s office, tax police, SBU), as well as in matters of interaction with counterparties within the framework of contractual relations. This leads to huge losses for enterprises, up to the suspension of their economic activities.
Trainings and seminars, which are carried out by our company, allow us to reduce the number of mistakes at times, give employees confidence, and save hundreds of thousands and millions of hryvnia for customers.