Debt recovery

If someone owes you money

10All entrepreneurs and managers of enterprises, without exception, face the problem of violation of payment terms on the part of counterparties.

Usually it all starts with a few days of delay, which does not cause serious concern. But soon the days turn into weeks, and weeks into months ... Each time the counterpart responds that there is no money now, but they are about to arrive, and then all debts will be repaid immediately. Sometimes, in response to a claim, the debtor begins to repay the debt, but at the same time lists a meager amount. It is not uncommon for a debtor to simply "disappear".

At the same time, it often happens that the debtor actually has money, but he prefers to direct them to pay off debts to others, more "dangerous", in his opinion, creditors.

Преимущества работы с нами

“Over the 2010-2015 period lawyers and solicitors of Legal firm “Assyria” have taken part in trial disputes with the total amount of damages 328 million UAH, 87% of cases have been disposed with positive result for our client.“.


  1. They insured themselves against errors at the stage of pre-trial work with the debtor and in the judicial process.
  2. They're able to collect additional penalties.
  3. They're able to compensate expenses for legal services at the expense of the debtor.
  4. The fact that a creditor attracts lawyers to collect debt induces the debtor to pay it off without waiting for a court decision.

What are the stages of the process of collecting debts by lawyers of the Assyria Law Firm?

  1. Meeting with the client and getting to know his question.
  2. Analysis of the materials provided by the client and receiving answers to additional and clarifying questions.
  3. Providing the client with a conclusion about the prospects for debt collection and weaknesses in his position.
  4. Calculation of the amount of debt, penalties and other additional charges, preparing a claim and sending it to the debtor.
  5. In case of refusal of the debtor to pay the debt voluntarily - preparing the statement of claim and the direction of the court.
  6. Supporting the case in the court of first instance, and, if necessary, also in the courts of appeal and cassation.
  7. After the entry into force of the court decision, the submission of an executive document issued by the court to the executive service and ensuring the fastest possible execution thereof.

11Depending on the specific situation, the algorithm for collecting debt can be adjusted, and some steps can be omitted.

You can apply to us at any stage of debt collection.

But remember that a neglected disease is always harder to treat.

Therefore, do not waste time!

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We were approached by client N with a case concerning recovery of debts in the amount of UAH 1.4 million. The client informed us that, in accordance with the agreement, the debtor, namely the largest in Ukraine network of grocery supermarkets, has not repaid debts for a year and a half, despite all the negotiations.

Before going to court we decided to analyze the contract once again. Attention to detail when considering any issue allows you to find several solutions at once, which makes it possible to choose the most simple and effective method.

In this case, we wrote a written claim, which stated that if the debt is not repaid within seven days, then in court we will require the principal amount and UAH 1.1 million from above.

Naturally, the requirements that were presented in this document, fully corresponded to reality. However, the client, without the necessary "legal grasp", left this fact without any attention during the negotiations.

Thus, we managed to convince the trading network of the need to pay off UAH 1.4 million of debt to our client with the help of a written claim alone, without litigation.

Therefore, if you want to make the debtor respect you - contact the professionals.