Services in the sphere of corporate law

Services in the sphere of corporate law

6For many years Ukraine has been following the path of simplification of the procedure for opening and conducting business. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that, over more than ten years of reforming this branch of legislation, certain positive developments have appeared. In particular, the principle of a "single window" has worked, and now the founders of enterprises do not need to additionally stand long lines in the tax inspection and state insurance funds. Also, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to carry out registration activities not only to state registrars, but also to notaries or accredited private registrars.

However, liberalization also has a downside, which has been especially evident recently: an aggravation of "corporate wars", an increase in the number of raider seizures and outright criminal actions related to the introduction of untrue data in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations.


Преимущества работы с нами

“Most of registration firms, especially individuals, do not specialize in corporate law. They specialize in filling in typical registration and incorporation documents followed by giving them to state registrar“.
Assyria has extensive experience in the field of corporate law. We are ready to help you in the following situations: __________________________________________________________________________________

◊ If you need to create a company in Ukraine, especially when it is important for you at the registration stage to prevent possible corporate disputes and raider attacks on this enterprise.

◊ If you need to liquidate the company.

◊ If you need to properly hold a general meeting of the participants (shareholders) of the enterpriseespecially if there are difficulties in the relations between business owners.

◊ If you, as the owner of a business, need to establish actual control over the enterprise in the case where the administration is acting contrary to your interests.

◊ If you need to challenge the decision of the general meeting of participants (shareholders) or making entries in the state register.

◊ If your enterprise is raided.

◊ If you want to escort a corporate dispute in court.

◊ If you need to correctly arrange the agreements reached between the partners, to prevent the continuation of the "war" or misunderstandings in the future.


Why should you contact us?

1. You hire a lawyer company.

Do you want professionals to solve your problem?
Not everyone knows that the majority of registration firms, and especially individuals in the field of business registration, are not specialists in corporate law. Their work most often consists in the mechanical filling of standard constituent and registration documents, with their subsequent transfer to the registrar. It does not take into account that the charter is not a formality, but the main document of the enterprise, which in the future can determine the fate of the company and its founders.
If we talk about the registration of enterprises, then having experience in escorting corporate disputes and counteracting raider seizures, the lawyers of our company know which provisions of constituent documents should be paid with special attention. We can also advise on the choice of the best management scheme for the company and the scheme for optimizing and protecting the business as a whole.
2. You get reliability.
Assyria is a law company with traditions and extensive experience. Therefore, you can be sure that we will not disappear anywhere, having received an advance payment. And if necessary, you can find us in a year at the same place.

3. You can get more than just services in the field of corporate law.

Legal aid is required for any business. Similarly, every person needs from time to time the services of a doctor. And if a doctor is needed to preserve health and cure diseases, the lawyer's task is to ensure stability and security of the business, and if serious problems arise, diagnose and solve them in time.

In the staff of our company there are not only specialists in corporate law, but also criminal and legal protection of business (which is very important in corporate conflicts), as well as lawyers specializing in judicial representation, contractual, tax law, debt collection, etc. Therefore, we are ready to accompany your business after registration of the enterprise or resolution of a corporate dispute.

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