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Taxes and business

Taxation is the art of plucking a goose so as to get a maximum of feathers with a minimum of squeak.

(Jean Baptiste Colbert)

12If you look at the essence of this epigraph - the state is interested in dialogue and compromise with the payer of taxes. And this rule works in Europe, the USA and other developed countries of the world. And what do we have in Ukraine? We are confidently moving along the path of progress and reforms, however ...

The interaction of enterprises and individuals with the tax authorities is an indispensable attribute of doing business in Ukraine, and this "attribute" is not always pleasant for a taxpayer.

The reason for this is the conflict of interests of business and the state in the person of the tax inspection, moreover, this conflict is laid by the state itself. In fact, unlike the countries in which the above-mentioned epigraph operates, that is, Where the tax with the taxpayer has a dialogue and a compromise, in Ukraine the rules for collecting taxes are as follows: "to plow the goose at all in spite of his squeak."

In this regard, in Ukraine, an important element of reasonable savings in paying taxes is minimizing the impact of tax on business. After all, the influence of tax authorities on business is very similar to a game in which certain rules operate, and players, within the framework of these rules, are free to choose moves.

The rules of the game are defined in the Tax Code of Ukraine. Skillful use of rules will allow the payer to win the game, i.е. To achieve reasonable savings on the payment of taxes.

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The rules are defined in the Tax Code of Ukraine. Competent using of those rules will allow the payer to win in the game, i.e. to get the reasonable economy in taxpaying

Our company has sufficient luggage, both in terms of knowledge of the rules of the game, and in part of the experience of such games. At the same time, the cornerstone of the relationship between the enterprise and tax is the tax audit. In order to clarify our potential client above, we suggest examining, from an applied point of view, the problems of relations with the tax authorities at various stages: before the audit, during the inspection and after the audit.

The maim challenge: conducting any tax audit is a certain "stress" for the client. Verification can not be without violations.

The established tax violation entails a number of consequences, the most dangerous of which are:

  1. Cash, in the form of the need to pay to the budget amounts of additional taxes.

  2. Possible criminal prosecution depending on the additional amounts of taxes.

Strategic solution of the problem: appeal of additional taxes and the subsequent winning of a dispute in court. At the same time, the possibility of achieving a strategic result and its cost to the client in most cases depends on the timely intervention of the specialist in the relationship of the client with the tax authority.

The ways of strategic solution of the client's problem consist of the following stages:

  • evaluation of inspection materials
  • preparation of the claim in court
  • representation and protection of client's interests in court

Participation of a qualified specialist on the part of the client at the stage prior to the inspection and during the verification process makes it possible to influence the final material (verification act) in order to optimize the following client actions related to the appeal of the audit results, and, as a consequence, the achievement of a positive result in court (strategic solution to the problem). This can significantly increase the likelihood of victory in court and reduce the cost of follow-up services of a specialist in support of the case.

Thus, our company is ready to offer you the following services:

∇ Trainings for the personnel of the client.

This service of our company will allow you to train your personnel in the basics of literacy in relations with regulatory bodies.

∇ Analysis, risk assessment and legal opinion regarding the planned economic operations of the client for compliance with the requirements of tax legislation.

This service of our company will allow you to assess its risks at the stage of making a decision regarding an economic operation in order to level out possible negative consequences.

∇ Development and implementation of legal schemes for tax optimization.

This service of our company will allow you to legally and legally save on paying taxes.

∇ Legal analysis and risk assessment of existing (working) tax optimization schemes for the client.

This service of our company will allow you to minimize possible negative risks of existing tax optimization schemes and make necessary adjustments to their work in order to avoid negative consequences.

∇ Legal assistance and protection of client's interests during tax inspections.

This service of our company will allow you to use your rights to the fullest extent possible at the verification stage in order to minimize the negative consequences from such verification.

∇ Legal assistance and protection of the client's interests during the procedure of administrative and judicial appeal of the results of inspections.

This service of our company will allow you to achieve the best result with minimal losses in the dispute with the tax authority.

Our company has a stable business reputation in the legal services market, employees of the company have high qualifications, great positive practice and experience in skilfully resolving any disputes with tax authorities.

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